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February 17, 2009
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New Template Editor Added to NE1 Web Builder

Hi OCC News Subscriber,

OurChurch.Com has added a new Template Editor feature to the NE1 Web Builder. The template editor enables NE1 users to change background, font, and link colors, replace some template images with their own, and customize some text and HTML that was previously fixed in the template.

One of the biggest benefits of the template editor is the capability to change what is displayed in a website's sidebar. The sidebar is the narrow column often below the menu on the left or right of a website. Previously the content in a template’s sidebar was fixed – usually just the news module or blank. Now users can customize the sidebar content with text, images, links, or modules.

A 6-minute video demo/tutorial has been created to show the capabilities of the template editor and walk users through the process of editing a template.

A few things to note about the template editor...

1) Not all NE1 templates are editable. In fact only a few editable templates are available at this time. We hope each month to convert 5-10 existing, uneditable templates into editable templates.

2) To edit a template, you must first import an editable template from the gallery. A new "Editable Templates" template category has been added to the gallery to make them easy to find.

3) Not all colors and graphics in a template can be customized with the template editor. To do that would have resulted in 20-40 settings per template, which would have made the template editor to confusing and complicated to use. We tried to keep it fairly simple and intuitive to use with 8-12 editable settings per template.

4) Not all templates have the same editable settings. Different templates have different colors and images that can be personalized.

Give it a try and let us know what you think. Post your comments, suggestions, and questions in our forums.

In His Service,
Paul Steinbrueck, CEO


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