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March 3, 2009

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Hi OCC News Subscriber,

You've got a mission. You've created a website to help with the mission. But you can't accomplish your mission unless people go to your website and connect with you.

What's your plan for getting people to your website?

If you're just hoping search engines will find your site, ranking it well for important keywords, and send you a flood of visitors... well, good luck with that.

It's critically important that you either learn the fundamentals of search engine marketing and execute them, or hire a professional to do it for you.

March is Search Marketing Month at OurChurch.Com. Whether you choose to go the do-it-yourself route or hire a professional, we can help. Keep reading to learn how.

In His Service,
Paul Steinbrueck, CEO

Website Design Month Features
1) Put Google, Bing & Yahoo to Work for You
2) Get a $100 Visa Gift Card
3) Search Marketing Case Studies
4) Church Marketing Online University
5) Search Marketing Q&A

Search engines can bring a tremendous number of new visitors to your website. But you have to get your site ranking well for the right keywords to for that to happen.

Chances are you're a busy person. You don't have time to learn the intricacies of search marketing - the keyword research, the optimization, the link building, generating and monitoring rankings reports. Let our experienced, professional search marketing team take care of those things for you, so you can focus on running your business, church, or school.

No budget for search marketing?

We hear that all the time. It's time to stop thinking of search marketing as an expense. Better search rankings will generate more sales, tithes, or tuition than it costs. People who want to grow their organization recognize marketing - including search marketing - is an important investment in their future.

OurChurch.Com is the leading provider of search engine optimization and marketing services to Christian organizations. No one has been doing it longer. No one does it better. No one else guarantees top 10 results. Find the service that's right for you.

Not sure which search marketing service is right for your organization? Request a free phone consultation. We'll listen to you, learn about your organization and its goals and recommend the search marketing service that will best help you reach those goals.

If you do a phone consultation with us before the end of March and eventually move forward with a search engine optimization service, we'll give you a $100 Visa gift card. We know a lot of organizations have long approval processes, so we don't require a contract or first payment before the end of the month to receive the gift card, just the call. Request your free consultation now.

Maybe you're saying to yourself, "Sure, you say search marketing services produce results that more than pay for themselves, but how do you know?" Great question. Measuring results is critical, and not just counting visitors but seeing how many of those visitors result in sales for a business, new visitors for a church, or new students for a school.

This month we'll be publishing a series of case studies to our blog. Each case study tells the story of an organzaion, detailing their circumstances prior to doing search marketing, the search marketing that was done, the results, and how those results impacted the organization. The first was published Tuesday and describes how Christian Leadership University grew enrollment by 10% during the recession with search marketing.

If you work with a church and decide you're going to go the do-it-yourself path with your search marketing, we've put together a great educational resource called Church Marketing Online University. CMO University is a series of 12 in-depth articles explaining search engine marketing and its specific applications for churches, plus a handy glossary to help you understand all the lingo. Take a look in the left sidebar at Church Marketing Online.

In addition to the case studies and the CMO University resource, we will be talking a lot about search marketing on the Christian Web Trends blog. We're starting things off simply by listening:

Where does your organization stand when it comes to search engines?

Post your search marketing questions/issues in the comments, and we'll respond either with a reply in the comments or perhaps even an entire blog post on your issue.

Post your comments and questions concerning this announcement in our forums.


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